About us

A BIO TECH LAB doo Laboratory is located in Sremska Kamenica Vojvode Putnika 87. Laboratory began to operate in 2008 as a response to the demands of the market. It received its first certificate of accreditation from The Accreditation Body of Serbia in 2008, and has been reaccredited in 2012 and 2016 (under the code 01-251) It offers high quality and reliable services, in line with the standard SRPS ISO 17025: 2006. On the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture (under the codes 404-02-54/42/2009-06 and 404-02-71/41/2011-09) the laboratory is authorized to conduct analysis of food safety, agricultural products and animal feed.

The activity of the laboratory is based on the involvement of experienced and skilled staff and on the usage of cutting-edge analytical equipment, whose results confirm international proficiency tests, in compliance with national and international regulations for chemical and biotechnological analysis of agricultural products, their products and foodstuffs.

Reliability and quality are achieved by a steady and continuous improvement of the laboratory services through constant training of the staff, equipment upgrade and development and validation of new methods, as well as by following the latest global trends in the area of chemical and biotechnological research and analysis.

The Laboratory for Chemistry

This laboratory analyzes the residues of pesticides and heavy metals in food products and in the environment (soil, sediment and sludges) and quality sensory testing of food, with the aim of continual improvement of the food safety levels for the benefit of the consumers.

The Laboratory for Biotechnology

This laboratory examines and identifies genetically modified products in domestic and foreign production. Analysis of corn seed, soybean, oilseed rape, sugar beet, soybean meal, rice, wheat and their products, which are available to our customers, and contributes to the monitoring of products containing genetically modified organisms and impurities of genetically modified organisms origin.